Elevator: Team is Everything

There's nothing more creative than a brand-new idea—and nothing less helpful than an idea you can't explain.


There’s nothing more creative than a brand-new idea, and nothing less helpful than an idea you can’t explain.

Our client was in need of an "elevator pitch"—a clear, simple way to explain what they do. Their idea was simple: The world's first team-based hiring platform. But the explanation was complex. How do you explain the concept of a digital platform that hasn't previously existed?

The challenge was to not overthink or overdesign this project. When a website and its visuals are immediately understandable, it’s brilliant. This was important for a company like Elevator, who’s all about process. If the process of using the website is difficult, then why would you want to adopt their processes at all?

The Dot

Every visual in nature returns to the basic shape of either a square, a triangle, or a circle. Everything comes from these shapes. For instance: Visually, people are more like circles than squares or triangles.

The dot was meant to be the great equalizer. There wasn’t a hero or a lone ranger, just a series of simple dots. (Additionally, we drew parallels to sports teams. Often—particularly in football or soccer—sportscasters draw circles and lines to highlight plays on the field.) Dots aren't distracting. By using undemanding dots, the viewer can focus on what is being said.

The Video

We turned to video to do what words couldn't. The goal of the Elevator video was to tell stories of teamwork in the simplest fashion. We needed historical proof to illustrate that teams are the key to success. Once you understand the importance (and value) of teams, the entire concept of the platform becomes not only justified but needed. We wanted to create a video that would add to—not distract from—the simplicity of the user experience on the website.

We could have used imagery to depict all the historical events mentioned in the script. But we wanted to create a visual language that would allow us to make anything moving forward. The script informed the visual guide, but we wanted to figure out how the script could inform the visual story we were telling.

Initially, the video tells the story of several well-known successful teams throughout history. We wanted the dots to tell the story without changing form, so we had the Wright brothers’ dots spin like a propeller.

Next, there were the “Woz” and Steve dots. Combining the two dots created one apple shape. The dots could remain the same shape and size, and when combined, tell the story (and make the implication) of a bitten apple, using only negative space.

From the story of teams we moved on to Elevator’s purpose. We juxtaposed the simplicity of a few dots in an orderly fashion with the chaos of many of dots trying to "do their own thing."

Sound Design

Sound design added another layer to the story. We didn’t have to rely solely on dots to represent the idea of communication between an astronaut and the Apollo 13 team; We could use sound from the actual event, and layer it into the background. In the same way, we could add the “crunch” of biting into an apple to further realize that concept. The layers of sound furthered the story without convoluting or complicating the imagery.

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